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Back to page High Speed & USB Versatile & Software Industrial & Modular Designs Low Cost & Power-efficient Schematics & Manuals How did it start? 2008 Beckhoff started their development of mobile control solutions in 2008 as a sub-contractor for the electronic systems division of the industrial conglomerate Siemens. In this position they worked on and designed PC Control systems for the German Railways. Although the PC Control software was a key part of the project, the systems themselves were highly modular and could be tailored to customer needs. By the end of 2008 the complete PC Control system solution had been designed, tested and approved by Siemens and Beckhoff was awarded the first new contract. 2009 Beckhoff then worked for the German industrial conglomerate Siemens to implement their PC Control solutions in the power industry. The end of 2009 saw the launch of the first product range from Beckhoff, their Modular PC Control system with industrial PLC. This was followed by the launch of their Hardware and Software solutions for industrial automation. Beckhoff’s roots 2005 In 2005 Beckhoff was founded by a team of software engineers with extensive knowledge of open automation systems. Beckhoff’s product range is now based on PC Control technology and includes PC, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Industrial PCs, PLC software, software for Modular PC Controllers, Communications and Fax. In 2005 Beckhoff had the first choice of open automation products in their industry. They chose an open PLC (KIP) and developed an interface for MEX, which is the most popular MOS based language in the industry. 2007 In 2007 Beckhoff continued to lead the industrial automation market with innovative products and the first open automation system for industrial automation, based on PC Control technology. Beckhoff’s professional team of software developers developed a first generation PC Control system based on open technologies. In 2008 the German companies Siemens and Beckhoff developed a complete PC Control solution for the German Railways based on open automation technologies. In addition Siemens also supplied a range of industrial PC systems for industrial automation. The German market leader for the industrial PC component market was also a customer of Beckhoff’s PC control products. The German company Swatch selects Beckhoff for their PLC system and develops an interface for



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Beckhoff Price List Pdf fynnode

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