Why You Should Visit Cape Tribulation During the Wet Season

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Each year, the infamous wet season returns to Tropical North Queensland. With the abundance of rain, it is no wonder that the wet season is affectionately referred to as the ‘Green Season’ in the Daintree.

During the months of December to April as the temperatures heat up, the humidity also increases and this heralds consistent rainfall (mainly at night).

While the higher rainfall transforms the rainforest into a lush tropical oasis many people are hesitant to book trips to Cape Tribulation during these months. However, we believe that the wet season is one of the best times to visit Cape Tribulation.

Here are the top reasons why we believe that the ‘Green Season’ is such a special time of the year to experience Cape Tribulation.

Be lulled into dreamland by the sounds of the rain

Our cabins nestled in the rainforest. Image: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Feel your worries float away as you are serenaded to sleep at night by the sound of falling rain. It is no secret that many people find the sound of rain soothing and use it to fall asleep or meditate to (one video on Youtube has 48 million views!). So, why not embrace this and create your own personal wet season relaxation retreat inspired by the rain. We promise that you will have a dreamy sleep each night.

Explore without the crowds

Cape Tribulation Beach. Image: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

One of the biggest drawcards to visiting Cape Tribulation during the wet season is the lack of crowds. If you are seeking to live out your fantasy of exploring the oldest rainforest on earth without bumping into another soul then this is the perfect time of year to visit. You will be hard-pressed to come across other people while exploring the many creeks and beaches.

Wet season only water holes

Creek in the Daintree Rainforest. Image: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Thanks to the abundant rainfall, all of the creeks and swimming holes in the Daintree are full. This means that there is no shortage of places to take a refreshing dip during the heat of the day. The rainfall transforms many dry riverbeds into gushing streams and there are many creeks that you can only swim in during the wet season months. Of course, it is always important to ensure that the creek that you swim in is crocodile safe so always check for yellow ‘do not swim signs’ and speak to our reception staff before you go exploring.

Tropical fruit in abundance

The wet season is mango season. Need we say any more? If you love sampling tropical fruit then the wet season months are the perfect time to travel to Tropical North Queensland as so many fruit varieties are in season. Joining one of the fruit tasting tours with Cape Trib Farm is a great way to sample some local and exotic tropical fruit (these tours don't run every day and dates can vary during the wet season months so contact our reception to find out up-to-date tour times and dates).

We love the ‘Green Season’ in the Daintree and encourage those seeking a romantic getaway or family trip without the crowds to join us in experiencing the special magic of the wet season in Cape Tribulation.

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