Magical Swimming Holes in Cape Tribulation

One of the highlights of visiting Tropical North Queensland is taking a refreshing swim in a freshwater creek. Fed by pure mountain water, there is nothing quite as magical as the rainforest creeks of the Daintree Rainforest.

We are spoiled for choice in Cape Tribulation with an abundance of natural creeks to choose from. For many of our guests, the experience of hiking through the rainforest to a freshwater creek for a swim is a highlight of their visit.

Here are two of our favourite creeks that we recommend our guests experience during their stay:

Emmagen Creek

Arguably one of the best swimming holes in Cape Tribulation, Emmagen Creek looks like it is a scene straight out of a postcard.

This is the perfect spot to laze away a few hours surrounded by the dense Daintree Rainforest.

Accessible along the dirt track that runs from Beach House to the beginning of the Bloomfield Track, the good news is that you can reach Emmagen Creek in a 2WD vehicle.

When you arrive at the creek, park your car (don’t cross the creek itself unless you have a 4WD and are heading north along the Bloomfield Track) and follow the pathway to the left to reach the two swimming holes.

The first swimming hole you will arrive at is located on a curve in the creek, with a natural rocky beach that you can lounge on.

The second spot is a few minutes walk further and features a deeper swimming hole that you can jump into from the gnarled roots of an ancient tree.

Masons Swimming Hole

Located at the beginning of the Cape Tribulation township, this swimming hole is the most accessible for families with younger children.

The creek is situated behind Masons Café on the property of the Mason family and a gold coin donation is asked of each person visiting the creek. From the café, it is a short two-minute walk to the swimming hole.

Surrounded by the rainforest, dive in for a swim or simply sit back and enjoy the serenity.


It is always important to ensure that the creek you are swimming in is safe and not inhabited by estuarine crocodiles. Always look for yellow caution signs, ask the locals and if in doubt don’t swim.

Chat to our friendly reception team during your stay, who will gladly point out the location of these two creeks on the map and answer any questions that you have.

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