Be Cass-o-wary

At Cape Trib Beach House, we are fortunate enough to host guests from all over the world. Some come to stay for the one night, others for a week at a time. No matter where in the world our guests have come from they all depart as friends.

One guest in particular has been coming back for repeated visits this past month. If you have stayed with us recently, you may have been fortunate enough to make their acquaintance. With long legs, black plumage and brilliant blue, purple and red colouring you would be hard pressed to have missed Beach House’s newest resident.

Over the last month a juvenile cassowary has been making appearances on the beach and rainforest surrounding the resort. Still sporting light brown tail feathers, this bird is still young and would only recently have left the care of her father (the male cassowaries look after the eggs and raise the chicks).

While it can be hard to determine the sex of a cassowary, we believe that this cassowary is a female due to her big feet, long legs and bright plumage. Female cassowaries grow to be much larger in size than the males and will often have much brighter colouring of their faces.

Seeing such a magnificent wild animal up close is always a thrill, however, we want to share a key factor to take into consideration when coming face to face with one of these beautiful animals.

Never feed a cassowary!

One of the saddest, but most easily preventable, threats to cassowaries is the perceived kindness of people who enjoy feeding these impressive birds. Once a cassowary starts to associate people with food, and begins appearing 'tame' and approaching humans, or wandering through residential suburbs its chance of being killed by cars or dogs (particularly dogs bred for hunting) increases dramatically. It is also highly illegal.

Share your experience with us!

If you were one of the lucky ones to experience our special guest, please share your photos with us. If shared on Instagram, please tag #HeartOfCapeTrib.

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