4 Reasons to Visit Cape Tribulation in Winter

Winter in Cape Tribulation is without a doubt one of the best times of year to visit. While the southern states of Australia are facing cooler temperatures, up here in Far North Queensland the weather is positively balmy.

So, without further ado here are the top 4 reasons that you should plan a trip to Cape Tribulation this winter:

1. Perfect Weather

The dry season in Tropical North Queensland is famous for providing consistently warm weather, lower humidity and clear blue skies. With daytime temperatures between 20-26 degrees Celsius, Cape Tribulation turns into a postcard-perfect destination in winter.

2. Soak up the Vitamin D

It is well known that the shorter days and the lack of sunshine in winter can lower both your mood and immune system. Thankfully, with all of the sunshine here in Cape Trib, you can be sure to get your fill of immune-boosting Vitamin D.

3. Whale Season

The winter months are also the time of year when Humpback and Minke whales are migrating north from the chilly waters of the Antarctic to mate and give birth. From the shore of Cape Tribulation beach, you can spot whales breaching in the Great Barrier Reef National Park.

4. Sunrises

The clear skies of the dry season mean that the sunrises during this time of year are epic. With the sun rising in the east, Cape Tribulation beach is the perfect place to watch an uninterrupted view of the sun greeting the new day.

If you are seeking a tropical escape this winter, why not come and stay with us? With a range of accommodation options from private cabins to family rooms that sleep up to six, we have something to suit every budget and traveller.

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