Cape Tribulation Captures Hearts – Romantic Getaways for Adventurers

From Louis … 

Your Daintree Rainforest adventure starts when you arrive by ferry. This is the moment of complete relaxation – no phone signal, no busy traffic, just you and the Rainforest.

You will find yourself on the only track to and from the beautiful Daintree – narrow and winding, with the blue of the ocean on one side and lush green trees on the other – a reminder that nature is so often more astonishing than you imagine. The Daintree Rainforest eases you into its majesty and magic like a book you can’t put down.

The Heart of Cape Trib
Shane and Aisling with the Heart of Cape Trib

After travelling further into the Daintree Rainforest, you arrive at Cape Tribulation, where everyone is relaxed and friendly. Unlike the city streets, the people here are happy to say hi as you stroll past.

The centre of Cape Tribulation – which I affectionately call the CBD – again reminds you that you’re in the oldest living rainforest in the world (best read in Sir David Attenborough’s voice for full effect), while offering good coffee and food, just as you are used to.

Just a short drive from the CBD is Cape Tribulation Beach House – The Heart of Cape Trib!

Just as you reach Cape Tribulation beach, you will notice a love heart hanging off a tree next to the ocean. I use this love heart to explain to people the feeling you get when you stay here.

It’s amazing but not unusual for days to turn into months here in the Daintree Rainforest, where visitors are welcomed with open arms. In fact, Cape Tribulation is also known as Cape Trap to locals and visitors because it really does take you in so that you never want to leave. I think it’s down to the feeling of being encompassed in nature and how right that feeling is to everyone.

The love heart was made by two good friends of mine, Shane and Aisling, a lovely couple from Ireland who became ‘trapped’ in Cape Tribulation. Before returning home to Ireland, Shane and Aisling wanted to leave their mark on Cape Tribulation – their home away from home. On the night before Valentine’s Day, they decided to leave a piece of their heart here. The weaving of vine and cane continued late into the night, and at one in the morning the heart was finished, hanging there like a natural part of the rainforest.

Sometimes the simpler things in life mean the most, whether it’s the colours of the rainforest or a romantic heart on a beach. So when you come to the Daintree Rainforest and arrive at Cape Tribulation, come down to The Heart of Cape Trib and leave a piece of your heart here too. It will give you all the love back!

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