5 Free Things To Do in Cape Tribulation with the Family

The best things in life are free and that can be truly said when exploring Cape Tribulation. If you’re looking for an affordable family tropical getaway, Cape Tribulation offers opportunities for you to enjoy its beauty for free! Check out our article below that lists 5 free things to do in Cape Tribulation.

1) Go for a Swim

If there’s an activity that your family can really enjoy, it’s swimming. We have a beautiful salt water pool at the resort big enough for the whole family. If you want something a little more adventurous, you could try snorkelling. Cape Tribulation beach is surrounded by crystal, blue waters with spectacular waves, however, if you want to swim at the beach, please ask the staff which are the safe areas or you might find yourself in the company of jellyfish or crocodiles.

2) Play on the Beach

No one is ever too old to build sandcastles. Bring your shovels, buckets and spade and get the kids involved in this enjoyable activity. You’ll be surprised how fun and relaxing building and moulding sandcastles can be.

You can also dig holes, draw pictures and write words in the sand, create sand angels, collect shells or search for sand crabs and small sea creatures.

There are also a variety of beach games you can play with the kids. Some common beach games include Frisbee, beach ball games, kite flying, beach scavenger hunts, sand tic-tac-toe and much more.

3) Have a Picnic

Enjoying a picnic is a lovely way to savour the restful ambiance of the oldest rainforest in the world. Pack your lunch and visit some of our popular picnic spots on the beach or the rainforest. If you visit the Daintree National Park, you’ll find some nice and quiet picnic areas there as well.

4) Sightseeing/Picture taking

Going for a walk in the rainforest or by the beach can be highly rewarding. Check our popular lookouts with beautiful views and record those priceless family moments by taking photos.

 5) Relax on the beach

If you’re not the swimming type, no worries, there are ways you can still enjoy your vacation. You can simply relax, read a good book, tell stories, and take in the beauty of the exclusive, private beach while enjoying a drink on a hot summer day or night.

Here are just some of the many simple ways to enjoy Cape Tribulation, 5 popular activities and things to do in Cape Tribulation. If you’re looking for beachfront accommodation with great family facilities at an affordable price, Cape Trib Beach House provides cosy rainforest cabins suitable for you and the kids. Book your stay and spend summer with us. Call (07) 4098 0030 or visit www.capetribbeach.com.au.

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