4 Great Ways to Enjoy Cape Tribulation with the Kids this Summer

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to dip into the beach and enjoy quality time with the family. If you already plan to visit the stunning Cape Tribulation, you’ve made the perfect choice! Aside from having breathtaking views, Cape Tribulation is also filled with adventures and a hundred more reasons to visit and stay.

If you are traveling with children, here are some fun things to do in Cape Tribulation that you can enjoy as a family:

1) Explore the Great Barrier Reef

There are Great Barrier Reef day trip tours recommended for you and the kids. For families with younger children, some tours have crèche options so you are assured that someone will watch over your children while you explore and make the most of your tour. There are also pontoons or glass bottom boat tours that allow everyone to see and experience the sea life below.

Another great activity is to visit the underwater observatory where children can see colourful fish and coral life without getting wet.

2) Take a nature adventure!
  • Walking tours – A nature tour is a good way to see Cape Tribulation’s flora and fauna. There are day walk tours that will allow for babies or toddlers to come but you’ll be required to carry them as stroller access is limited and therefore not recommended. Night walk tours let you see species that often cannot be seen in daylight. The night tour is suitable for children ages 7 and over.
  • Jungle Surfing –You can tour the stunning rainforest from a different angle. This is a unique way of seeing the unspoilt nature by flying through trees and over treetops.
3) Discover the remarkable wildlife of the rainforest

The rainforest is home to many wildlife habitats including the iconic Cassowary. Other species in the rainforest that children love to see are Kingfishers, Sunbirds, Saltwater Crocodiles, the Ulysses butterfly, the famous koala and many more.

  • Daintree Discovery Centre – One of the iconic and endangered species in Daintree, the Cassowary is found in Daintree Discovery Centre. It’s a little difficult to spot one, but if you’re lucky, these giant birds are truly spectacular to see.
  • Daintree Entomological Museum – The museum has one of the world’s largest collections of live insects including beetles and butterflies. The outdoor area also makes a nice picnic spot where kids can unwind after an exciting time.
  • The Bat House – The Bat House is filled with fruit bats or flying- foxes. Be amazed watching, feeding and meeting bats face to face.
  • Exotic Fruit Tasting – Kids love fruit and this will be an exciting and tasty experience for everyone. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings by enjoying the exotic fruits of the rainforest. Try the unusual flavours including chocolate pudding fruit, breadfruit, dragonfruit and more.
4) Enjoy the sandy beach

Everyone loves the beach. A relaxing and fun activity to do in Cape Tribulation with the kids is to visit the beach. Our greatest attraction in Cape Tribulation is the sandy, crystal clear waters.

Children never get bored of beach activities. Spend the day playing beach games, building sandcastles, writing on sand or do scavenger hunt and search for small sea creatures and sea shells.


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